Welcome to the Noordvlees Group website. As a global player in the meat processing industry, our company has its headquarters in Belgium and consists of 4 companies: Noordvlees in Kalmthout, Belgium (production site and headquarters), Sus Campiniae in Oevel, Belgium (production site in a joint venture with Groep Vanden Avenne), Euforbia Belgium and Euforbia Bulgaria (transport). In addition, we have our own top-quality butcher’s shop, Vleeshal Van Gool, in Kalmthout, Belgium.

Every single day, our employees are committed to providing people all over the world with a healthy and tasty piece of pork.

We produce pork in a sustainable and qualitative manner, with respect for people, animals and the environment. We invest and modernize continuously, and we aim for impeccable traceability.

Top 2 in Belgium

240 employees

Consolidated revenue of EUR 260 million in 2020

Approximately 40,000 pigs per week

Export to 18 European countries and 10 export licenses outside the EU

10 quality labels and certificates

We want to be a pioneer in the industry by communicating openly and transparently.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or remarks about our company. To find out more, please take a look at our news page.